F.I.C.S Fusion Runs

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Richard Hull
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Re: F.I.C.S Fusion Runs

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:53 am

Good luck on the new house. I hope all goes smoothly in that respect.

I look forward to any future activation work reports. I know full well of the BTI short life issues. I have had to throw out 3 over the years, but wisely used them to calibrate over the period of two years, my 3He detection system to arrive at a constant based on counts.

Richard Hull
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Tom Hanley
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Re: F.I.C.S Fusion Runs

Post by Tom Hanley » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:47 am

Hi Steven, good to hear your detector business is going well and orders are increasing. Hope the house is going OK, Its nice where you are and 6x6m space will come in handy .
Over this side we had 45*Cel over the week end, but not as high as Penrith, last year, which had 49*C I believe.
Tom is back at school now and as usual school takes precedence over the fun things.
He hasn't been able to get any deep sky viewing over the Xmas break as the sky has been clouded over due to bush fire smoke.
We got one good night at the NSAS Saint Ignatius school site last week. I wanted to get out to some of the remote -dark sky- sites over the Xmas break but the bush fires put and end to that idea.
We have been scrounging fusor bits and pieces, but it's been slow, not to worry though. I will try to help him prep the Varian turbo sometime before winter.
Having nice ( new ) calibrated equipment is an advantage, but it costs.
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