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Re: Fusor V Chamber

Post by Richard Hull » Sat Dec 14, 2019 9:49 am

I have actually had for the last 18 years in my lab two ten inch Braun 304 SS hemispheres and $700 dollar Lesker purchased, new 12 inch diameter CF rings in the original packing. I purchased these co-jointly with the 8" CF rings for fusor IV. Even those 8" rings would wait another 3 years before becoming part of fusor IV Again, looking ahead with big ideas for the ultimate 10" fusor!! There they sit buried in a far corner of the upstairs storage area in my lab to this day. All of that was when I worked and used the 2001 Braun and Lesker prices. Look at the prices today. I keep thinking if someone wants the challenge I would sell the lot for $800 at HEAS, but I demur for some unknown reason.

I would never bash a big chamber, just the big chamber that I showed in the original post here. If I ever built the 10" fusor it would be sensibly ported as fusor IV has been.

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