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Subject: Re: Teflon Coated Gear
Date: Jan 17, 12:57 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Jan 17, 12:57 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

I'd say the total vaue of these fittings was over $1000 - a shocking amount of KF16 and KF40 elbows, tees and nipples, plus (2) KF40 pneumatic right angle valves and (1) KF16 right angle valve. I got a bargain, as even the KF flange stuff is hilariously expensive new. I think I'll try using them...

Richard Hester

>Can anybody comment on the effect of the teflon coating for high vacuum service?
>> Richard Hester
>Teflon is fine in high vacuum service as long as no plasma or beams get near the stuff. Needless to say the stuff is not bakable beyond about 400 degrees. Really deep vacuum stuff (10e-9 torr of better) just has to be baked or the pump times go on forever. The fittings you have were probably meant for 10 microns and higher pressures.
>If the number and type of fittings which you have which would be useful in a fusor total more than say $200.00, if bought in solid SS, then I would probably use them, but if you could buy at full list price all of the fittings for under 200.00 I'd go for the pure metal.
>Richard Hull