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Subject: How to extract energy from the fusor?
Poster: Joe

On , Joe wrote:

I stumbled onto the fusor a few weeks ago. I'm now trying to scrounge up some parts to build one. I probably won't go nuclear on the first try, just run straight hydrogen.

Once we do get one working (some of you sound like your getting very close) in a break even reaction, how do you propose to extract energy from the fusor?

I did a report a few years back in highschool on the magnetic confinement type reactor (the donut.. tokamak(spelled wrong, I know)). They planned on using a molten lithium sheild to extract energy. If I remember correctly..

Neutron hits the lithium atom, creating heat, and tritium gas for fuel.

I've also read that using an arrangement of electrodes, you could directly tap into the plasmas energy. I can't recall exactly how this works.