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Subject: IEC fusion
Date: Mar 08, 7:42 pm
Poster: Nathan K.

On Mar 08, 7:42 pm, Nathan K. wrote:

Can the current forms of the IEC break even? No. Why?

The answers are always the same and so are the proposed solutions. The IEC concept is the best candidate for a break even fusion reactor.
The reasons are simple, it is small, it can operate for more than a split second, unlike its competitors it does not take a billion dollar budget to research it, because it can use almost off the shelf technologies unlike a Tokamak.

It does not need super advanced materials like Tokamaks, it can use advanced fuels, it can be made to have direct energy to energy conversion unlike Tokamaks which it would take an act of God to accomplish, well maybe just another billion dollars.

The list goes on and on and on.

If an IEC and a Tokamak break even the same year there can be no doubt that the IEC device would be better suited for product development than a Tokamak.

So, why can't the IEC of today or yesterday break even?

The IEC of today is fundamental flawed in its conception, because what drives it prevents it from breaking even.

I think a variation of the IEC concept is going to eventually succeed were modern IEC's have failed.