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Subject: Re: Deceleration uses energy too!
Poster: Dave Cooper

On , Dave Cooper wrote:

Just a thought on the recirculating ions. Remember that the electrostatic fields are conservative fields. The energy absorbed from the ion in outward deceleration is available and returned again as the ion changes direction and re-accelerates toward the Fusor center.

It seems to me the main energy loss is in neutral molecule collisions. The basic Fusor paradox is how to keep a high enough reaction area gas density, while keeping the outer regions low in un-ionized gases to avoid energy consuming collisions.

Much of the peripheral equipment losses (pumps and etc) can be minimized with the use of ion pumps, once the proper pressure range is established. These (though relatively expensive and not too good above 10 -6 Torr), they run at micro amp levels at the lower pressures, making them very cost effective vacuum maintainers.

No need to expend horsepower to handle outgassing and cleanup.

Dave Cooper