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Subject: Re: Opinions on possible design
Date: Apr 07, 8:30 am
Poster: Hector

On Apr 07, 8:30 am, Hector wrote:

The only real problem I see is that either you don't intent to have any mechanism to re-circulate the ions that miss, and there will be a bunch that will miss each other, or you just did not include that in this question.

The standard IEC device is based on an electrostatic accelerator. The key difference between a standard accelerator and an IEC is that, the IEC can re-circulate the particles that miss each other at the conversion zone.

You have to keep in mind that the IEC uses a plasma target not a solid target. Also keep in mind that the IEC is design to accelerate much larger volumes than a standard linac, so by the nature of these two things the best focusing mechanism in existence will fail to cause 100% reactions at the fist pass through the conversion zone.

Take a look at the original ITT Farnsworth patents, they used accelerators also, but they call theirs ion guns.

Still it sounds to me like what you want to do is make a cylindrical IEC because it is easier to focus the ion beams. Its also easier to make and works just as good, but it lacks the glamor of the spherical SS devices.

>I scanned through the list, and found a few references on the original series of fusors, and 1 mention of an axial fusor.
>Since I don't have any gear built, I'd like to try something different from the grid fusors.
>A radial fusor. 6 guns (3 likely on the first model). Plans from http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mrniell/linac.html
>Using electrostatic beam aiming and focusing.