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Subject: Lucky find - H2 thyratron
Date: Apr 17, 8:39 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Apr 17, 8:39 am, Richard Hull wrote:

I attended yet another hamfest this weekend and was fortunate enough to stumble across 2 brand new, sealed in box, large, ceramic, Hydrogen thyratrons.

The weakest tube is a 30 megawatt unit by EG&G. The ratings in my charts show it to be good for a max plate voltage of 35KV @ 7,500 amps peak pulse current.

The Bigger unit is a Triton Ceramic unit Which is rated for 40 megawatts, 40 kv @ 10,000 amps. (peak pulse.

They cost me about 1/200th of their new price.

These should have lots of reserve if used to pulse a fusor.

Richard Hull