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Subject: If it is not quite sphererical is it a fusor
Date: May 26, 3:44 pm
Poster: Ben franchuk

On May 26, 3:44 pm, Ben franchuk wrote:

>Again, as I have posed many times, I would like to characterize the "FUSOR" device as a "Spherical geometry, electrostatically focused and confined, deuteron accelerator-collider." I know it sounds tedious, but it sort of states clearly what the thing really does for a living!

Looking at Mr Hulls, new web site and then jumping
back here to read more mesages, I notice the
outer grid? on the fusor III photos is a set of rings forming a sphere with holes. Is the grid designed for this shape or is it the easyist
grid to manufacture. The holes bother me as
stuff can leek out thru them.
Would any idea's from Buckminster Fuller
the inventor of the geodoseic dome and Synergetics
help for a differnet grid design. His shapes tend
to mimic nature and scale better than common shapes. With all the work on buckyballs one might
have electostaic field models already done. There
you have holes but they are more evenly spaced.

While I have to read more on fusor design
could a ac wave on the dc grids be used to compress and heat the plasma further.

Ps great web page Mr Hull.