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Subject: Re: Hot 4 mev ion source - ITS BACK!
Date: Jun 08, 10:02 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On Jun 08, 10:02 am, Jim Lux wrote:

>The atom smasher is back on E-bay! Up for sale.
>Just search on "atom smasher".....There's only one!
>The seller has probably knocked his reserve down by 1/8th million to only $250,000. Ha Ha...
>The poor swine bidding actually think they can hit that reserve. What must they be thinking as to taking delivery?!! (should they win)

He/She has a lot of other stuff too.. A He Leak detector (which as of last night was up to about $900).

Hey, I've bought big heavy stuff and then had to get it home.. like a couple of pallets of pulse caps. When the forklift set them on the back of the 1 ton flatbed, I thought that the frame would be permanently bent.. Nope, just down on the end of travel bumpers. Drive slow, don't hit any holes, etc. Such is the life of a low budget scrounger...

Think about it, the whole thing is only about the size of a minivan (although the support equipment might add a bit. I'll bet it would fit in a 2 car garage (of course, you might need to modify the walls a bit for shielding.....)

Actually, I suspect that you can pick stuff up like this fairly easily and cheaply if you keep in touch with all the appropriate folks. Just like this guy: GA is decommissioning a lab, sells off the contents as scrap, someone spends a LOT of time and effort dismantling and packaging it for movement. We bought a BIG Varian NMR setup (pre LHe days) at an auction for a few hundred dollars, it cost $1500 to have the magnet moved (many tons!) What did we do with it? Try to shoot paper clips between the pole pieces with the magnet on and hit a target.