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Subject: Re: Fusor for Blacklightpower process
Date: Sep 21, 6:47 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Sep 21, 6:47 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>>I really don't see the connection with the fusor effort and Mills work, although I have not thought of it in the light in which you spoke.

The connection is why fusion or neutrons are produced at anomalously high levels. Could it be hydrino or ion collapse?

Farnsworth claimed ignition. It could have hydrino ignition, rather than true fusion ignition. Or probably just a damn lie.

If my post to the Hydrino list got more people on our list, I hope it will be appreciated. If I had a fusor, I would put K or Sr into it to see what happens. Maybe someone will now.

Anomalous heat from cold fusion electrolysis I understand is not in question, only its source. If Mills achieves ignition in a gyrotron, he isn't likely to be shouting about it until he patents everything remotely connected to it so he can be the Bill Gates of energy, and interplanetary space travel.

>>The hydrino and its formation is a totally chemical and therefore totally electronic process. I don't see how it links into a fusion process which is nuclear. The energy ranges are way out of line. ev vs mev.

If you know Mills theory you know chemical is electronic is nuclear. The last hydrino level (1/25) is unstable. What after that? What about deuterium? Would it 'strip' neutrons? And 40 eV release for each collapse equals 400eV for 10 collapses, a lot of energy from one atom.

>He uses contact ionization with hot filaments in his high temperature cells.

He is also testing a plasma maser or gyrotron, as I stated in my Hydrino list post. A high potential in a fusor might well form a relativistic, microwave unstable mode, as I have ranted about here in the past.

A tutorial on gyrotrons:
At http://www2.psfc.mit.edu/wab/research/hpm/congyrosc/congyrosc.html