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Subject: OK Gang, I think It's Time To MOVE !
Date: Dec 01, 1:51 pm
Poster: The Perfesser

On Dec 01, 1:51 pm, The Perfesser wrote:

I have found a new, more robust location for our discussion at


and have started a new site for us there.

I suggest we sort out some prelinary details over this coming weekend, and stop posting to this URL ASAP. I'm hearing now that Gaylord Digital - of which Songs.com is a part - will be shut down next week, and I'm suggesting we pre-empt any possible shut down of this domain by relocating ourselves.

I'll do what I can to save all the files, posts messages that have shown up here - I don't really think they're going anywhere for a while, but I'll take whatever measures are necessary to assure that none of this content gets lost, and we'll create a link from the new site to this old one for as long as it stays around.

So, follow me...