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Subject: Re: Tritium measurement
Date: Mar 01, 4:22 pm
Poster: Ely Silk

On Mar 01, 4:22 pm, Ely Silk wrote:

>I was able to easily detect Tritium, As I noted in my posting by CONVERTING the valved off, freshly run fusor into a geiger counter THAT WAS READING ITS OWN GUTS OR CONTAINED GAS! That gas should contain Tritium if fusion was going on. 10KV electrons flying around inside a geiger tube WILL BE detected!

What you have here is a flow-through counter (without the flow-through being active). It is ideal for Tritium counting. Moreover, if you hook the unit (or an appendage) to a multichannel pulse height analyzer, and if you run it in proportional mode, you have a great system to measure isotopes with no extensive (and time-consuming) handling. No fuss/no muss and you can find short-lived isotopes. I know I don't have to tell you that but let's put this in writing! I love it! If you can start getting to the 10E7 range (with a flux of 10E5 n/cm^2/sec) you will be flying!

Meanwhile, I am waiting for my base plate so I can make Fusor #1. This is ridiculous.

Ely Silk