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Subject: Re: Where are fusor plans?
Date: May 26, 3:10 pm
Poster: Jon Bazemore

On May 26, 3:10 pm, Jon Bazemore wrote:

Yeah, I didn't mean to give the impression that I wanted to sit here like a potatoe, and be spoon fed "put tab A into slot B", ad nauseum.

The word "plans" had the closest connotation to the sense I wanted to convey. (that is hands-on, instead of pure theory).

But no, that's not what I had wanted--you're right, a picture is worth a thousand words. I went to the website at
http://home.att.net/~siddhartha/cover.html very good, and it had a cross-sectional diagram.

The concept is kind of weird--because there's so much future-hype about fusion, and it's glorified in movies (like the Saint) it's hard to get a fix on what we're talking about here.

My current sense of the situation is that Dr. Farnsworth's hot fusion _does_ work, but more on the scale of a parlor trick than an actual renewable energy source.

I would think that the US Government would want to sponsor this kind of research, now, or is it just a pipe dream? (is progress being made?)

Why can't these apparatus be scaled up? According to what I read, there are (if I recall) stipulations for how spherical the electrodes can be, and the permeability (80-87 percent?)

And of course implosion, and irradiation risks--my question is, even if many neutrons are absorbed by surrounding material, isn't self-sustainability, for the greater part, a matter of scale of the fusor?