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Subject: more magnetic confinement ideas
Date: Aug 04, 00:34 am
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Aug 04, 00:34 am, Pierce Nichols wrote:

I'm thinking a bit about ideas for magnetic confinement a bit more unusual than a simple magnetic bottle, and possibly more efficient (although much more difficult to model).
Imagine surrounding the sphere with 18 bar magnets, arranged in three hexapoles, one stacked above the other, so the two end ones are about half the diameter of the center one. This would create a complex magnetic field that I believe would efficiently trap the electrons, although I have not modeled it and have no evidence beyond my intution.
In any case, the coils could be given ferrite cores to increase efficiency, and for further efficiency boosts, could be given an external armature to concentrate the field within the chamber. What are people's thoughts on this proposal? I suspect the loss cones would be smaller than for a bottle, but coil manufacture and power supply would be more of a pain.