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Subject: Re: RF Resonance device (NMR) (Slightly off topic)
Date: Aug 19, 2:50 pm
Poster: Mark Sloan

On Aug 19, 2:50 pm, Mark Sloan wrote:

Good posting. I'll go read up on NMR and see if I can better understand what you are doing.

Why duterated borane instead of the more standard hydrogen/boron fusion reaction?

Any chance NMR effects could be used to increase fusion cross-sections at selected energies for IEC type fusors?

As a separate question, I understand that fusion cross-sections (without NMR) do show resonance peaks at specific energies which represent "metastable states" or something like that. This is masked in the usual cross-section plots because they are made for Maxwellian distributions, not the specific, narrow band, energies that may be possible with IEC devices. Can anyone clarify if this resonance broadening is significant?