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Subject: Bicron BC-720
Poster: Richard Hull

On , Richard Hull wrote:


For those that might be interested, I have posted the current prices of the BC-720 fast neutron scintillator material below.

I have purchased and used the 2" piece for my first Neutron counter which used a 2" Hamamatsu PMT and it worked out great. A 2" detector appears to have a low end noise free threshold window at about 5,000-10,000 neutrons/second when butted up against a 6" fusor.

My proposed 5" design might dip well below 1000 neuts per second.

The BC-720 scintillators are plastic (styrene) disks of the stated diameter and about 1" thick. Somehow, the Bicron folks make an "archery target" design of thin, silver activated, zinc sulfide vertical rings within the plastic piece. The whole thing is polished like glass, except one face of the disk is painted white. The PMT tube side is clear and open. The side which is snow white, faces away from the PMT.

2" - $325.00
3" - $375.00
5" - $450.00

The list price of all the ingredients is below $2,
I am sure. The process of pulling it all together is the money maker.

Richard Hull