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Subject: Re: Tesla Coil
Date: Oct 01, 09:56 am
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Oct 01, 09:56 am, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>My thinking on this issue is, not only would you be achieving high voltages inside of the reactor, but during half of the since wave when the outside chamber wall is negative, it would pull a large quantity of the ions to the outside of the reactor, preparing most of them for the next phase, where they would all go rushing from the outside of the reactor through the grid.

I've been thinking about something like this using a high-rate Marx generator or a powerful RF source. Ideally, I would want to set the fusor chamber up as a resonant chamber, with no grid, and drive the electrical field up and down that way.

>Furthermore, this should create shock waves, which could serve to heat the plasma even further.

Ack! Why on earth would you want to *heat* your fusor plasma? You want your plasma to have very little thermal energy and lots and lots of kinetic energy. It is harder to focus hot ions down to a small collision volume, because the thermal motion tends to take the ions all over the place. An ideal fusor plasma would be at absolute zero -- i've even kicked the idea of a laser-cooled fusor plasma around.