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Subject: Re: Neutron Detection
Date: Oct 08, 12:37 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 08, 12:37 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

I just purchased my third reference copy of Knoll's book two days ago off of ABE books for $22.00.

I have one for scribbling and highlighting, one for the lab and now one to acrhive. I also gave the best known practical reference on Geiger tubes , their design and construction earlier this year in a post on this board.

Good books are the older ones, always. It is tough to really do work out of many current books. They are long on the math short on the explaination and offer little or no insight into the epitome of so many key aspects of "the doing".

One of the finest Rrefs on radiation, which gives a feel for the excitement of discovery with 100% practical examples and experiments is a long out of print book by Frederick Soddy, "Radium", 1909 , or more correctly, "The Interpretation of Radium". I have a treasured, rare, red covered first edition of this book and other later prints as well.

Reading should always preceed the doing and continue for the rest of one's life. Valuable secrets are often exposed by many old authors of yesteryear.

Richard Hull