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Subject: Re: Ceramic caps
Date: Oct 30, 2:27 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Oct 30, 2:27 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>Get a copy of Edgerton, "Electronic Flash, Strobe", MIT Press, ISBN 0-262-55014-8 (soft cover)... It's $20 or so, and full of useful practical information on this sort of thing: resonant charging, etc.

$24 through my favorite bookseller, Fatbrain.

>Also, get a copy of Steve Hansen's article in "the Bell Jar", where he builds a 250-300 kV impulse transformer, and more importantly, summarizes Fruengel's advice on them.
>should get you there..

It's not online :(. I emailed Steve; hopefully he can get me what I need.

>Ringing is a big possibility in a Marx circuit too, BTW, and greatly shortens the life of your caps.

So I've gathered... It seems to me that since the discharge circuit for an impulse tranny is an RLC circuit, that ringing would be a worse problem. However, the voltage drops far enough and fast enough that the sparkgap should cut out before and serious
One major remaining question: how big are the effects of the electrical characteristics of the sparkgap in a circuit such as this? Can I realistically treat it as a short, or do I have to put it into my solution, i.e. how big is the K in the Goncz relationship? Also, how do I figure out when the sparkgap cuts out?