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Subject: An interesting benefit to pulsed fusors
Date: Nov 17, 8:25 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Nov 17, 8:25 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

Off the political crapola and back on to building cool neato nifty-keen fusion devices.

I was recently thinking about extracting electricity directly from charged reaction products of fusion, as has been suggested for p-B11 fusion. A serious problem with this is taking 1.5 MV DC current and inverting it to high voltage AC. It struck me that if you pulse the fusor, this DC current comes in pulses, meaning you can then use a pulse transformer to bring it down to a reasonable voltage, and work with it from there. Thoughts?

BTW -- I finally got Steve Hansen's article on impulse tranny design and construction. I feel enlightened :).
For those of you interested in buying thryatrons, pulse caps, and the like, there are several auctions up on ebay now with interesting things -- 4 thryatrons, 2 with pulse circuitry, and two pulse caps, one 45 kV job with a triggered spark gap included and one huge Los Alamos surplus monster that stores several kJ.