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Subject: Re: Fascinating, Fascinating
Date: Jun 02, 5:51 pm
Poster: Robert Machler

On Jun 02, 5:51 pm, Robert Machler wrote:

It is always nice to see new blood on the message board.
Myself,like you have limited funds to work with
but it is still fun scrounging parts to build things with.
Sounds like you have a pretty good vacuum system
setup! You will need that for sure!!
I'm sure you have seen Richard Hull's name plastered all over this message board...for good
reason! He is "The man" on this fusor stuff as far
as I'm concerned!!
Can't help you as far as how to get the pages all
loaded at once, except to go to each and go to edit and "select all" on your browser and store them in a file...not much on computers!!!
A good site for building the fusor is...
www.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/~kronjaeg/hv/fusor/index.html. This is Richard Hull's instructions
and is a very good starter!!
I am presently building my first fusor and it has
been both fun and irratating! But it is near done now and will test with rare air next week and if all goes well Deuterium after that...
Hope this has a little helpful,