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Subject: Third Year of the Fusion BBS
Date: Jan 02, 11:39 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 02, 11:39 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


This is the beginning of the third year of the fusion BBS. It seems the "perfesser" has purged the old messages which was long overdue. (loads a lot faster). I hope that all you fusorites have printed out the more significant messages. I have a thick GBC bound volume of the best of this BBS as part of my fusor references.

It is time to thank the Perfesser for his support of this effort by allowing this BBS to continue over for what is thousands of "internet years"!

Stuff comes and goes so fast on the internet that a hot, valuable URL of today is tommorrow's wash water. I am sure the Perfesser would let the board die a natural death if there were no thinkers and experimenters to keep it alive. We must not lose sight of the reason for it being here and that is as a tribute to Philo T. Farnsworth and his fusion dream. With each post we keep his memory and dreams alive.

Richard Hull