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Subject: Hot 4 mev ion source - was for sale.
Date: Jun 06, 11:56 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 06, 11:56 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Who saw the following offered for sale on E-bay!


I just checked and it is still up for reading....

It didn't sell, but would have made a killer source for those megalomaniacs on this list.

Scott Little informed me about it a week or two ago and I though those of you who talk about ion sources a lot would get a kick out of it.

I was stunned at the fact that there were a number of real bids! Suppose they had got the thing! A "low boy" would be needed to move it!

The neighbors would just love the hail of neuts and particle beams zipping through their homes if you cranked it up in your garage.

Scott checked the reserve after the sale closed by contacting the owner/seller and it was $375,000.00! I think most E-bay freaks would choke on that.

Richard Hull