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Subject: Fusion power...here now
Date: Jun 26, 2:34 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 26, 2:34 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

Waxing eloquent.........
sources of energy........

How many of you remember the excellent series of shows on PBS some years back. James Burke's "Connections"?

They were real mind benders and one couldn't help but change one's outlook forever after a bit of cogitating over them.

I got to thinking... (some of my best work and my worst work has proceeded directly from such hazardous action).... What is at the core of our day to day wheelwork?

I came up with the electron.

This has been somethng that actually jelled over the last year. Let look at this in a Burkian manner.


Each day the world energy needs are satified in a number of ways. It is estimated that about 90% of the world's wheel work uses electricity piped in by power plants. (electrons at work). If we go back far enough, we come to fossil fuels for virtually 100% of all energy needs from cars to electricity. So its burning something! (still electrons and electrons only.) Every chemical reaction used to create rotational shaft energy, (our darling form of energy) is totally electronic in nature. As anything burns, orbital electrons are exchanged and the energy stored in these organic compounds is released by chemical (read electronic) action.

All chemical actions wether the blast from dynamite or photosynthesis is purely an electronic shuffling of orbital electrons.

Likewise everything we see, all light, All EM radiation is the result of.....you guessed it, electronic reactions.

Is it any wonder I am fascinated by the work being done by Common Sense Science to flesh out the electron in a physical sense! Physics has bypassed and or sidestepped the issue since Thompson discovery the little bugger a century ago. Mostly due to the uncertainty prinicple, I would think.


Nuclear reactions don't enter into our life on this planet. Nuclear reactors do utilize the splitting of nuclei to boil water and make power, but in our day to day lives, in all forms of usable energy, the neutron and proton are non-entities.

The only reason things are soild or soft, or liquid is due to the forces between electrons... and electrons only! Don't for one moment think that the nucleus supplies 1 ev of dynamic force to make matter solid or things opaque or transparent..... It is the little swarms of electrostatically interlinked electrons.

HEY, What about fusion?

I'm coming to that......

Speaking of boiling water............
Did you realize that inspite of the our modern age, quantum theory, nuclear energy, String theory, Modern electronic marvels and all that.....If we want electricity anywhere on the planet, we have to "put on the kettle".

That's right, if an edict went out that water could never boil again, we would be producing virtually zero electrical energy on this planet the instant the edict went into effect! We would be powerless!

Everything we do to generate electricity requires rotational shaft energy. To get this energy in the 21st century, we are still going to boil water! (hero's engine)

Some will say ahh, but what about hydroelectric power.... Yes, that is really the "fusion energy here now" of the title of this posting. We do get some small percentage of the world's power via hydroelectric conversion which is really gravitational potential energy converted to dynamic, rotational shaft energy.

Does he finally come to the point??


Hydroelectric power is Burkian fusion energy on Earth now. Hydroelectric power is the power of boiling water just as in the fossil fuel area!!!

Is he nuts?

No, just pensive.

The difference is hydro energy is totally clean, virtually zero impact, totally renewable and, except for equipment maintenance, it is the truest form of "free energy" (God how I have hated that term "free energy" in the past.)

Here is the Burkian logic.......

a. Sun is a fusion reactor
b. Earth absorbs fusion energy (we are the kettle)
c. Water on earth boils (evaporates)
d. Vapor rises to sky where cooled, it condenses.
e. Atmospheric condensed water falls on high ground.
f. Runoff forms vast rivers flowing DOWN towards sea level. (Seeks lowest potential energy)
g. Man erects dam.
h. Water goes over dam.
i. Gravitational potential energy is converted to rotational shaft energy.
j. Shaft energy converted to electricity.
k. Water flows on to sea.
l. Water is boiled (evaporates by fusion power generator)


Without interruption and at no charge, the energy is provided in the final form of gravitational potential energy by a fusion reactor. Here...Now!

Efficiency of the above process based on reactor output? Far, far less than my own fusor III at home in my lab.

So, man in his quest for distributable electricity always uses WATER as the direct source of rotational shaft energy. He either ignites the byproducts of long dead bodies of Dinosaurs, ferns and other organic matter to boil it, or throws it over a cliff unchanged.

Also the electron is the little dynamic engine of all power and sensual perception. The creator of energy and light.

Richard Hull