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Subject: inductive ballasting of x-ray unit
Date: Oct 23, 4:07 pm
Poster: Carl Willis

On Oct 23, 4:07 pm, Carl Willis wrote:

Well, I have tried a form of inductive ballast for my transformer with good results. I used a trashed 15 kV, 30 mA neon transformer(one side was blown though), and shorted the outputs to ground. I run the hot primary lead to the x-ray unit through the 120-volt winding of a big variac, and have the NST between the variac wiper and one side so I can regulate how much ballasting is going on. The results look good. I can regulate the transformer power from seeing just thin crackly blue sparks to a thick orange arc by turning up the ballast variac. I believe I should be limited to about 500 watts this way. Perhaps I will have to add another NST in parallel to my arsenal to get enough power for the fusor out. Anyway, I feel secure that I can arc the x-ray unit all I want with this sort of ballasting. Unlike Richard's setup, I don't believe I have room in the tank for a big power resistor without major rearrangements. But since I will be using my Maxwell, 50 kV 50 uF cap for filtration I might have to stick a resistor in line anyway to keep from having a slight explosion problem (no kidding). It will most likely be in its own oil-filled tupperware bin. Any helpful suggestions will be considered!