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Subject: Re: Secondary Neutrons, uses of
Date: May 27, 2:18 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On May 27, 2:18 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>No. This is not true. U-238 fissions with fast neutrons only. U-235 fissions with either fast or slow (but preferably slow.)
>Ely Silk

Which is why they use it as an outer layer in the classical fission fusion fission devices. I guess I need to look up the cross section for U238.

The question is also, so you generate more neutrons and you've done the last two stages of a thermonuclear weapon; aside from the novelty, what sort of interesting thing could one do. (Maybe I could get ahead of the half life in breeding Pu by using those secondary neuts).

One must have a worthy quest, after all...