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Subject: Re: Ceramic caps
Date: Oct 30, 1:23 pm
Poster: JIm Lux

On Oct 30, 1:23 pm, JIm Lux wrote:

Get a copy of Edgerton, "Electronic Flash, Strobe", MIT Press, ISBN 0-262-55014-8 (soft cover)... It's $20 or so, and full of useful practical information on this sort of thing: resonant charging, etc.

Also, get a copy of Steve Hansen's article in "the Bell Jar", where he builds a 250-300 kV impulse transformer, and more importantly, summarizes Fruengel's advice on them.
should get you there..

> How exactly does a rig like this work? I'm having some trouble envisioning it. Do you put the cap and inductor into resonance somehow? Do you use and AC input or what?

> I'm thinking of going with the pulse transformer idea someone else suggested -- it extends the rise time , and introduces the possibility of ringing in the discharge circuit,

Ringing is a big possibility in a Marx circuit too, BTW, and greatly shortens the life of your caps.

but sounds like it's easier to design and build than a Marx generator.

> -p