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Subject: N.K. Fusor 1
Date: Dec 11, 4:17 pm
Poster: Nathan K.

On Dec 11, 4:17 pm, Nathan K. wrote:

Ok guys I'm getting ready to put together my first IEC device, so obviously I have some questions.

My IEC will be made out of SS with conflanges, but for now it will remain small and conservative. I was wondering, since the forces working against the sphere by the vacuum are relatively small, is it necessary to do a full welding job on the flanges or will a brazing weld suffice?
Obviously a brazing weld would be significantly easier and I have experience in this kind of welding.
I also have a very nice oil less grease less vacuum vain pump that I believe would make a very good pump for a simply first generation fusor demonstrator.

On the grids, I was thinking of making them out of SS also and either silver solder them or braze them, are any of these techniques acceptable or should I just go with another method?

Ideas, suggestions, advice welcomed.