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Subject: More bad news for fusors
Date: Jul 17, 7:07 am
Poster: John

On Jul 17, 7:07 am, John wrote:

In a thesis written by Dr. Todd Rider entitled "Fundamental Limitations on Plasma Fusion Systems Not in Thermodynamic Equilibrium" (like in non-Maxwellian plasmas or fusors) he points out that even if fusors can overcome all other losses, ion collisions, electron losses and so fourth there is an even larger loss mechanism that they may not be able to solve, and that is Bremsstrahlung losses.

To me it makes sense that this would be a larger loss mechanism in a fusor than in a Tokamac, because Bremsstrahlung is electromagnetic radiation that occurs when electrons are decelerated over a very short distance. This obviously applies to fusors.

According to the paper, losses in non-Maxwellian plasmas are much larger than in Maxwellian plasmas and the losses are especially high in advanced fuel cycles such as D-He3 or He3-He3 and especially for the P-B11 fuel cycle, it is looking much worse than the D-He3 cycle.