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Subject: p-B11
Date: Nov 22, 5:57 am
Poster: Nathan K.

On Nov 22, 5:57 am, Nathan K. wrote:

OK, maybe I'm missing something. Tom Ligon and Dr. Bussard always talk about p-B11. If and when someone makes a D-D break even IEC or other fusion device, going from D-D to p-B11 is going to be almost as big of a challenge.

Fallow my thinking and correct me if I'm wrong. To burn p-B11 an IEC device would have to run at potentials well in excess of 150Kv, today's examples of IEC's operate below 50Kv.
Hell, 300Kv just puts you at the starting point were p-B11 experiments will be possible.
So, imagine what kind of circulation and mean free paths you will have to create for this kind of reaction, not to mention all other IEC problems magnify themselves that much more also.

I think D-He3 is the better option and would require relatively speaking, a lot less effort to change from one to the other. The results would be similar to p-B11 and the research effort would be much, much simpler.